emapthy is a learned emotion

it is my contention that empathy is learned emotion
the sad thing
not too many people are teaching this emotion these days

in a simple example
the absence of empathy can be seen how car drivers treat pedestrians and bicyclists
on a more child-like level I see it in my two year old son
grant will approach me
daddy I broke your sunglasses
daddy I broke your computer
in each case he is correct and cute
the information is there
but there is no emotion
not trying to guilt trip this kid
but I will try to teach him to be considerate of others

when I drive I try to empathize with those around me
even the other car drivers
I can not read their mind
but I do know how I would feel in thier situation


Anonymous said...

Your obsessed over cars and traffic and it steals valuable brain space you could use!

alberto said...

Sorry but I like to comment on good posts and you are hitting some good subjects. I tend to think that as people we are born with an incredible capacity to be negligent. Hence, we are probably negligent by birth. We make mistakes continuously and some of those mistakes can be serious and grave. We should be aware, then, of this great capacity of ours to fuck up; we should recognize it in ourselves and in others. We should learn to forgive and to empathise.

gwadzilla said...

it is not exactly an obsession
it is a cause of great anger

I fear for my life and the lives of those i love

I would be a fool to ignore the world around me

gewilli said...

anonymous is a case in point of an asshat lacking empathy...

but then... you have to be completely void of empathy if you are to succeed at selling a pearl that is really just a compressed sack of shit.

Take Politics... how can you have empathy and get into that racket?

Its really the cause, negligence, total lack or regard for others.

Me me me me all about me - i don't want to have empathy because it would me i have to think about someone other than me.

damn now i'm all pissed off and fired up... just when i have to get out and fight the good fight with those asshat motorists...

gwadzilla said...

albert0- (and others)
I love the comments
it brings things to a forum level
even critism makes me think
even if I do not agree with the thought
at least it is keeping me thinking

glad my efforts are of enjoyment to some

keep the comments coming


gwadzilla said...

that "g" guy reminds me of henry rollins for some reason or another