endurance loop to schaeffer farms

glancing at a map it is looking like an endurance loop to schaeffer farms may ba more than I think I would be interested in doing

from mile one on the C&O Canal...
to roughly Violettes Lock
that is roughly 22 miles
then there is some serious road miles
unless there is some singletrack on the golf course
either way
that is a lot of miles to get to schaeffer farms
the riddle
is clopper lake on the route to schaffer?
does the loop at Clopper Lake connect to Schaffer Farms?


the closest legal trails to my house would have to be the Fort Dupont/Fort Circle trails
these trails need to be developed
with enough work this stuff could be worth going to
right now
it is less than a destination
okay... these trails are a destination
but the thrill of getting out alive is a bigger thrill than the trails themselves


iconoclasst said...

Jason (Disco Cowboy) has biked from Great Falls (MD side near C&O Canal) to Schaeffer Farms and back, and could probably provide you with some useful info.

The best thing now about Schaeffer is its close proximity to the Dogfish Head Ale House for some PRBs...nice!

joe said...

there's a trail from clopper that passes right by schaeffer (the greenway), BUT that section is closed to bikes. i can map out a good route from the canal to schaeffer. you can do this all on roads with very little traffic (and some descent climbs of their own)

Matt & I have talked a couple of times about doing a variation on that ride: road to schaeffer, switch bikes or wheels, ride schaeffer, switch back, road home, but that would require support.