fat across america

washington post article about steve vaught and his walk

his journal/blog

the journey is the destination....
and well...
I think he needs to tell the tale as it happened
hitching a ride in an old pickup can be as valuable a moment as walking 100 miles in the desert
he needs to just tell it as it happened


gewilli said...

just like that dude who made up his book that got O all upset

this sack of crap kills people with his car (heck it could have been a cyclist instead of an elderly couple)...

this story has bugged the crap outa me ever since it first aired...

He COULDA taken the forest gump out and just stopped... there was precident... nice straight up article from the W Post... thanks J

gwadzilla said...

very similar story

he should just stick to the truth
as he is not a politician and lying is not second nature to him

Charinko said...

Telling the truth seems to serve you best.
BTW, it reminded me of "The Memory of Running" by Ron Mclarty. Anybody read it?

Zoe said...

Steve killed an elderly couple by accident; the accident could have happened to ANYONE. People just think it could never happen to them, but the truth is, once you get behind the wheel, the possibility of an accident is always there.

As for O, she supported James Frey until there was overwhelming media negativity towards his book and story--then she changed. This has been well-documented and discussed; Gay Talese had a great discussion on this on NPR. Not saying Frey shouldn't have been completely upfront about his fictionalizations (lots of memoirists have a disclaimer about fictionalizations)--just saying that O isn't perfect, either.

As for Steve's walk--yes, I do think it would be okay for him to be upfront about whether he took a ride in a pickup or whatever. He was upfront about flying home for the holidays, etc. Why not discuss all of it? It's all part of the journey and the searching of the heart and self, and nobody would condemn him for needing to hitch a ride--as you said, it could be a strong and important part of the story. The man is not perfect, and neither is anyone else--and that really ought to be part of his story, too.

gwadzilla said...

thanks for your well thought out comments
yes... james frey wanted to have his story published... he wrote a story
stories are often embellished to be made more interesting
that is nothing new

stories are told with a spin
history is told with a spin
religious history is told with a spin
the spin can make more sense, be more interesting, and give us a more clear cut message

I remember logging into his blog as it was happening
and there were trips home
then return trips back to his last point on the trail

it will be interesting to see how this plays out

this is another story


I remember being in grade school when this happened
we all got lured into the story
only to learn it was a fabrication
an amalgamation of many people and man incidents

a good story
but sold as news
makes it a lie

gwadzilla said...

I can not spell for crap
and I have not even made that whiskey and ginger ale yet