I am male... I am insecure

I am male
I am insecure
I hate being passed on the bike

the cars that pass me tend to irk me when they pass too fast and too close
that is not the passing I am thinking of at this moment
it is the action of other cyclists passing me that causes me frutstration
there are so many faster cyclists than me
I have come to accept that
it is more a matter of how the pass occurs
and then what happens after the pass

today was a prime example of such a pass...

care to hear my tale from the trail?


Anonymous said...

So, here is the thing I don't get: What would you have this `roadie' do? If you are moving up the trail 3% faster than the guy ahead of you, it inevitably creates an odd situation: you can speed up, slow down, grab a wheel or try to pass as quickly as possible. None of those are without their drawbacks, though. You seem aggravated if someone passes too slowly or grabs your wheel. But what can the guy do?

So, Joel, what do you do when you are moving just a bit faster than another biker on the path? Enquiring `roadies' want to know...

Mark Drajem

gwadzilla said...

all I am asking for is respect
respect my safety
respect my space

drafting is for racing
on a public trail with a stranger...
it is tailgating

a gentle hello/on your left works

pass fast or slow
just warn before passing

roadies are different than mountainbikers