lance armstrong at myspace

lance at myspace
lance at myspace?

fighting with the suicide girls as my coolest myspace friend


Frank Brigandi said...

Really?.. hmm.. not a fan site... interesting, it's probablly cooler to not friend him.. haha...
on a different note... been lifting like mad most of the winter into spring and will continue all summer and into next year... I feel amazingly better.. and I also have changed my shape dramatically. I'm thinking of racing again, once I see my neorulogist to see if he;s cool with it, I had some bad head injuries over the years and have avoided riding all together. BUt recently mountain biking has been way too much fun and I'm flying...and I feel so different even from when I raced, If I'm remembering correctly which is more than likely wayyyy off....haha..
BUt I do feel good, I'm down to 180 and i feel powerful...my old race weight was between 155 and 165..I'm just enjoying having an upper body, my clothes fit way better and I;ve taken off years of age by being fit again.....maybe I'll see you out there some day Joel...

gwadzilla said...

it is just great to get on the bike

there are many people who are fast and techinical and love to race and never race

in the eyes of the elite my racing is more like riding
or maybe even softball