lazy saturday... thus far... guess we are going duo

here it is the weekend...
saturday afternoon
lisa is with dean and miga (grandma) at a spring fair
the inlaws are passing through town on their migration up north
it is part of an annual migration
good for the kids
good for the grandparents
they are happy to be heading south after a winter in florida
personally I prefer visiting them in florida to pittsburgh
but maybe that will change if I leave a mountain bike in their basement

here it is saturday afternoon...
I am up from my nap
grant is still napping
this morning lisa and I had high hopes of the yoga transition
our usual hand-off of the kids outside of yoga has dean's soccer thrown into the mix
by the time lisa arrived sweating and smiling at the soccer field I was already involved in my assistant coaching activities
the time was such that I would arrive late to my open yoga class

getting in the car
driving across town
looking for a space
rushing into class
being a disruption to those already working out
it all sounded counter to the goals of yoga
some times there is not time for everything
so I blew off yoga... which is fine
as I enjoy lending a hand at the 4 year old's soccer matches
the general concensous is that I am a positive contribution
looks like I need to find a different time in my week for my yoga
maybe I need to suck it up and do it at home
okay... that will never work

so... here it is nearly 4PM
by this time chris credlack has arrived in Fredricksburg and has set up camp for the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms
I am on line waking up from an afternoon nap
best I print out these directions and take a look in the basement
need to gather my gear
make sure I have everything that I am going to bring
guess I will bring two bikes incase the rigid single fails me
had hoped that the glance at my emails would show me that we landed a third team mate
as duo is not the sleep deprivation project I was looking for
three man can be brutal enough
enough with the excuses
have raced this event as a member of a three man team several times before
guess I am going to get to know what it feels like to race it duo
wish me luck
think fast and dry!

12 Hours of Lodi Farms

got to plug in the printer to the laptop for it to print
yes... still waking up from my nap
better double check my gear

so, here it is
time to start getting ready
although I do not intend to leave until after dinner with the family
as I need to eat
left over pizza sounds like great fuel for a 12 hour mountain bike relay race

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