life is hard... marriage is not always easy... there is a correlation between sacrifice and achievement

tomorrow lance armstrong's wife is going to be on oprah
personally I think this is an interesting guest

the basic goal of entertainment is advertising
there is some notion that if we see an ad we will buy the product
somewhere down the line someone is thinking that the more people that see these ads the more product they will sell
so.... entertainment gets sponsored by companies
sponsors pay more money for the advertising in a situation where there are more viewers

tonight david blaine tried to break a few absurd world records
nothing short of a train wreck
something that will be talked about at the water cooler tomorrow
david blaine is doing some of his own evil knievel
but we will see if he reaches evil knievel level
okay... I am not going to buy a david blaine action figure
as interesting as the drowned alive display was
not sure if I need a scale model for my kids to play with
but it would take some handy work for them to get all the tattoos detailed that small

but that is not my point
my tangent was totally side tracked
the direction should return to the interesting part of Oprah's show tomorrow is that it will get its everyday Oprah viewers
there are certainly those that tune in everyday
then there are guests that visit that are used to get more new and different addition people to watch
tomorrow's show may get a handful of new one time viewers to pop in
those would be a a handful of cyclists

personally I am curious how it is going to take an hour for her to say
life can be hard marriage is not always easy
there is a good chance if you look at the lives of the majority of those that have achieved great things
there is a correlation between sacrifice and achievement

lucky for me I am not destine for great things

the blog can be a train wreck at times
this red wine induced rant has taken up the time I had intended for my race report from the weekend's 12 hour relay event
guess I will wait for the results to guide the tale

oh, I may watch as much of Oprah as I do the NYC marathon this year
I am interested in what the mother of lance's children but highlights would be enough
just as I am interested in the marathon efforts of lance armstrong this fall
again, interested enough for highlights

in some ways it was awkward to see david blaine not quite achieve his goals
sure he achieved his goal of getting people to watch and talk about the effort
the build up was great
but... the emotion of not meeting that goal on top of the physiological pain
that must have taken as much mind control and will power to contain as it was to hold his breath for a very impressive 7 minutes and 9 seconds

but I still do not want a david blaine action figure
not that evil kenievel...


gwadzilla said...

and to think
Seinfeld was on television not to entertain us
but so that we would be in front of the television so that we could see ads that would make us go out and buy product
that makes me thirsty
maybe I should go get a snapple

Redlack said...

Evel Knievel had chunks of guys like David Blaine in his stool. I don't think there will ever be anyone as insane as him. He did all of those jumps on an 800# Harley with limited suspension, and without the benefit of computers setting up his takeoff and landing ramps.

I had an Evel Knievel lunch box in 1st grade. I wish I still had it. Not sure if we bought the lunch box because I liked him, or if I liked him becuase I had the lunch box. I was probably more concerned about the contents at the time.


Wonder if there will be a David Blaine lunch box.

gwadzilla said...

it is not so much what is done
but that knievel and blaine both market a public spectacle with awesome build up all sorts of sponsors
all sorts of media attention
then there is the pop culture icon appeal
the merchandise for evil knievel was nearly as awesome as the man himself