many weaknesses

I am a man of many weaknesses
one of my favorite weaknesses has to be coca cola
I love coca cola
I love all the varieties of coca cola
no I am not saying that I like old coke, new coke, cherry coke, vanilla coke, whatever coke
I am saying that I love the varieties of coke as they vary by presentation
coke in a plastic bottle
coke in a two liter bottle
coke comes in an aluminum can
and of course
coke comes in an ornate glass bottle

coke tastes best served warm onto cold crushed ice
but people will almost always chose for coke in the classic ornated glass bottle even if it lacks that wonderful aluminum flavor

I drink way too much coke
but... it is so darn tasty
it is not just a compulsion
it is a craving
and at times
it is a wonderful pleasure
at times it is out of habit
most of the time it gives enjoyment

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