more bike to work day photos? sure!

scrooge and the DCBCA.org
DC Bicycle Courier Association


Anonymous said...

There should be a special day when bikes stay home and the streets are all for cars! Bikes stay at home day!

Anonymous said...

Who ever you are, this is a bike blog. Get the heck off OR us bikers will kill you!

gwadzilla said...

in other cultures there are roads just for cyclists...
if our culture did more to make cyclings safe
there would be more cyclists

the roads themselves are not for cars
the roads are for cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, etc....

just as the bike path is multi-use
so is the road

we live in a society addicted to cars

we need to start rethinking how we treat the cars

hounddog said...

In Southern California, most of the roads are bike friendly and have bike lanes which makes it much more plesant place to ride a road bike. They also have a lot of bike path and multi-use parks for MTBing.

Washington DC and the surronding citys have a long way to go to make it a much nicer place to ride to work. For starters they could dedicate at least a certain part of the road for bikes, or even close roads completely to be used by bikes only. Look at the sucess of the Capitol Cresent Trail. I wonder how many people use it to comute to work everyday. That trail is so crowded that it actually has a rush hour! I remember when they were paving that trail and it was just a dirt road, and of course trian tracks for years before that. What a great idea!

As an ex-bike messenger in Washington DC, I used to deal with traffic all day. It seems that you just get used to taking up a whole lane to protect yourself.

So far I have rode my bike in to work 4 days this week. But that doesn't really count because I ride my bike in at least this many time year round!

gwadzilla said...

take the lane
there is a web site telling that perspective
I like to take the lane

california is very progressive
not perfect
but more civil than the east coast

the city makes me angry
anger is now a part of me
I wake up angry