on your mark... get set... GO!

in my efforts to be more civil there are a few things I try to do...

one thing I try to do when I get in my car is to try and be concious of my actions

the first thing that we all do when we are in our cars is turn the key
then we are gone

it is basic car knowledge that it is best to warm up the engine for 30 seconds to a minute
the exact time that aids us best could be found out with a quick call to either Click or Clack
in any case... this is not just a winter thing
this is a get the oil warmed up and circulating around the engine thing
it is said that this warm up extends the life of your car

it is my feeling that this little warm up can extend the driver's life as well
the key is turned and I am waiting my little minute
this keeps me from darting into traffic without a good safe look
this lets me put in some music; which is more safely done parked then moving
lets me verify that all passengers have their seat belts on
it prevents me from letting the turn of the key dictate the emotion of my drive
as I have slowed things down for a minute
it has let me slow things down as a whole
I enter traffic more at ease and I move about with greater thought

now how do we get everyone to slow things down?


Anonymous said...

Yeah man I'm with you. My wife, AKA "the blonde bullet" warms our truck up long enough to turn around and make sure the kids are buckled in before turning $5 of gas into fumes as she zooms them to school or practice. Chill out, find a good tune, say a prayer, whatever. I'm with you Gwad. I'd die for her, but I hear you....

Mike Fitz

Anonymous said...

Well how about 86 the bike and keep the hot girl. That would be even better!