a pretty darn good weekend

the weekend went by pretty fast
it often amazes me on saturday night that it is only saturday night
then when sunday night comes I think... it is sunday already... the weekend is over?

here if is only sunday night and I have a hard time recalling what happened friday night

friday night was pretty standard
as I think of last friday night I get the image of many of the last friday nights

friday is a big night of the week on our block
or at least fridays have been a big night of the week at this point in time
friday is cook out in the alley night
the parents sip drinks while the kids ride their bikes
or hit each other with swords
or climb and jump on and off of stuff
while the parents sip drinks
everybody eats hot dogs

there are races
there are hikes in the woods
there are races in the woods
the ages vary so I stagger the starts
it amazes me how the staggered starts chance on the kids all arriving into my arms at the same time
it is always more simple with a tie than with a definite winner
they all want to be winners
the winner of different age categories or congratulations for racing hard usually works well enough
but there are races with false starts and sore losers
it is all part of learning to life life and play games
everyone is fast
everyone is smiling

for more about the kids... click here


Surly Rider said...

I am tired reading that.

gwadzilla said...

that is a lot of words

so much about me putting the words down here
is to let those who want to hear the whol saga hear it
while sparing those that do not

skip to what interests you....

hopefully there is something

comments on the Schaeffer trails?
we know you know them!

Freewheel said...

Your neighborhood sounds like a really cool place to raise kids, esp the back alley bbq and bike races.

Surly Rider said...

I was not talking about the length of the weekend recount, but of all the stuff you were doing. It sounds like my weekends.

I love schaeffer...so much so that it used to get my money when I lived in VA. $5 a week went to them through the United Way. I would also drive past Wakefield and Fountainhead to go ride there. The flow of that plae is unmatched. For me wakefield was too small, and Fountainhead was too busy and it was hard to get that good flow going on. It is totally what Schaeffer is all about. This summer I am taking my last "single" ride. I am doing a tour of my favorite places to ride for my "Bachelor party". Schaeffer is totally on that list