a rich man's toaster?

toyota has come out with their answer to the element
it is super cool
as the mini cooper is a respectful return of the mini
the fj cruiser is a respectful return of the old landcruiser

I like it

the price is not high
the gas mileage is not perfect
but it is still pretty darn cool


Graham said...

It's a great looking car. By the time I added up all the options I would want it was 30k. Can get a comparable Element for a little over 20k. I'll have to think about it a little more.

gwadzilla said...

that is what I figured...

that is why it is the "rich ma n's toaster"

the fuel issue also should come into the factoring when making the purchase

I think people will think "cool" and "pretty"
before they think about paying at the pump

gewilli said...

make it a diesel (biodiesel) and i'd kill for one...

i had one of those old Land Cruiser's as a matchbox car... white roof over blue... still got a soft spot for em..

and not bad offer from the #3 global automaker, eh?

Rocco said...

ive seen a few of them bouncing around here. all driven by older gents. they didnt look to to be on there way to a rock crawl fest.