riding at schaeffer

out at schaeffer farms I had a great ride
broke my own personal rule of the buddy system
but.... I have been breaking that rule for some time now
normally the solo dirt rides are because I am riding home from work
no.... I am not perfect... I am flawed... but I am trying

while at schaeffer I was amazed at how many people had headphones on while riding
the risk of a head on collision on these popular trails is high
headphones increase that risk

I had a few near head on collisions with the same guy with headphones
he did a little trail blazing to avoid me
don't kill a plant to give me more space
stay on the trail
but more importantly
keep your focus
do not risk another person's safety because you need to hear Poison's Greatest Hits while you are looping around the trails
leave the iPod at home
the sounds of the trail around you are enough to entertain the brain


Squirrel said...

I see a Gwadzilla Ipod jersey in the making:) Breath my big friend....breath.


Surly Rider said...

I have to admit that I do part of my morning commute with one headphone in (the one opposite of traffic). When I am on the trail home I switch from ear to ear, but never with two at a time. I just feel out of touch. I would never ride in the woods with them, since part of the experience is hearing the bike, the twigs crack, etc.

gwadzilla said...

that is just one of the SQUIRRELS I would like to avoid running over on the trails

(oh.... I love the clean shave and the new color.... very shawn palmer/scott weiland)

Squirrel said...

I've always wanted to be a "Rock'n Bike Star":)