schaeffer farms

when lisa got back from bruch with friends this afternoon I was feeling pretty lazy
feeling classically male lazy
thinking that while she took the boys to back to back birthday events I could take a nap
but... I knew that my time is more valuable than that
the window of opportunity was large enough for a trip to Schaeffer Farms

although I was nearly dozing off with grant in my arms as dean woke me every three seconds to show me the latest development of the Mr. Potatohead he was constructing I knew that I should uses this time more wisely

so whle lisa headed north in the element with the kids I jumped into some city bikes orange and gold lycra and slid the geared karate monkey into the back of her passat wagon
sure the element would be easier with the roof rack but passat will get me there
lisa prefers the element for the kids... why argue?

my efficiency amazed myself
usually my inefficiency amazes me
just as I am at the door ready to roll off I wake up to the absence of my cycling shoes
that would have been a serious bonehead move

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