sex sells... or does it?

sex sells!
or does it?

it is clear that sex sells sex...
does sex sell other products?

does advertising sell products?

sex in advertising may act to grab our attention
does this attention grabber get us to the store to make a purchase?

then the notion of exploitation...
are the bikes being exploited to sell underware in the sloggi ad?
(feel free to go to this underware site... only when security is taking you to the door and your boss is handing you your last check.... remember to tell them you were shopping for a gift for your wife!)

are the suicide girls being exploited?

and how about poor old jenna jameson?

this is an interestng set of questions
I like the images
I like images of pretty woman
I like images of bicycles
put them together.... WOW!

just a little something to start your morning

it was a visit to FressWheelingSpirit that got me on this tangent
now work is calling me away
would love to research this topic at greater length
but.... too dangerous for the work place

but come on... it is MYSPACE!

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