slow down... we all have got to slow down

slow down
we all have got to slow down

this week some of my distractions from work have been other than the blog
rather than blogging I used my power of the rant to send punctuationless/cap-lees/spell check-less rants to various people of power in washington dc
not higher ups
but the local folks for some of my local issues

the speed of traffic in front of my dc home is out of control
the auto-pilot style of the cross town commuter cruises up and down my street with no regard for anyone around
mother and child... look out.... H2 coming through
girl walking your dog... better jump... that mini-van is not slowing for anything but starbucks
gramps trying to cross the street to your car.... better shift into high gear as you are about to be road kill

most of my rants were about speed humps and bike paths
tickets generating revenue but failing to change behavior
there may have been mention of that bar in the road with the retractable spikes that only come out to give four flats to the excessive speeding car
but other than that I was pretty straight forward
the fact is I do not want to wait for a tragedy for a change
lets prevent the tragedy with a little change

in addition to the speed of traffic on my block
the speed of traffic in Rock Creek Parkway is absurd
it is like Dom Delouise is leading Canonball Run 2006
on three occassions I had a car play chicken with me as they passed a cyclist on their side of the road
they lacked the foresight for what was on the other side of the road
if I owned a gun I would be on trial for murder right now

the faith

a few more things
those that make the decisions
well... the city planners would not do well playing monopoly
chess it beyond them as they can not think more than a move ahead
they only play checkers in an effort to get king-ed

here are a few things in Rock Creek Park...
on weekend parts of beach drive are closed
yet cars are permitted to drive through there to get to the picnic groves
the speed limit is 25MPH
on weekends they should have a "flip sign" that sets the car drivers limit to 15MPH
and enforce it
when people rent the groves
there should be a short mention and maybe a hand out about proper driving ediquite
something about the rollerbladders, the bikers, the walkers that are all out on the "closed road"

the park police use flares as part of their rush hour road closed week day procedure
there has to be something more enviromentally friendly
the runoff is direct into the creek and direct into the river
common sense
avoid any polution you can

hiking trail conditions
repair the trails now before the natural state is flat eroded earth

now onto dressing the boys for bedtime
as they are not dressing themselves

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pedalmaniac said...

The other day I was driving the kids home from somewhere and this Aztec came up on my bumper from out of nowhere. I had see this car driving fast down my street before. So just before I turned into my driveway I stopped the car, put it into park, and got out. I went back to the car that was speeding behind me and asked the driver to please slow down as I had seen her driving fast before. I was curteous. She seemed generally stunned. she was agreeable enough. I don't know if it will have an effect, but now she knows "others" are watching and have taken note. You can't do this for everyone though. I have found that when we and our neightbours have our cars parked on the road -- thus narrowing the speeding surface-- the cars generally drive slower. Get all your neighbours to park on the street.