spent.... I am spent

back from the 12 hours of lodi farm
duo worked better than expected
sure I would have liked to sleep
but I was better prepared for not sleeping
(due to my two young boys)
than I was ready for an endurance mountain bike race

all went well
another weekend of approaching my fears
this weekend had more than the last
as not only had I only been on dirt 4 or 5 times since my injury in the fall
I had only ridden the freshly built up karate monkey single speed once
I had not gone night riding in forever

lap one was very rough
my body went through red bull rejection after lap one
that is where my body refuses any more GU-Gels-Coffee-Red Bull
the wretching and the yacking seemed like it was going to pass
then something actually came up

into lap two I was feeling better
maybe it was not red bull rejection
maybe it was the pollen and dust collecting on my uvula

time to put the boys to sleep
then clean up and climb into bed myself


iconoclasst said...

Sorry I didn't get back to you on Lodi; didn't read your comment till Sunday morning.

DT had mentioned on Thursday that you might be looking for a third rider, but I had made plans for Saturday at that point.

Looks like you guys did well. Congrats.

gwadzilla said...

no worries
it all worked out