the tale of the tape

the results from the greenbriar race are posted

I love to look at the results
I love to marvel at the lap times of the fast guys
I love to compare the speed between the classes

so much can be told from the numbers

looking at the Clydesdale class at this event it is clear to see that there are a number of fast big guys out on the bike this season
that race could have gone any of a number of ways
the absence of technicals could have changed a great deal

a glance at lap one shows that redlack was not the second clydesdale
then looking at lap three you see that the once second place clydesdale dropped to fourth
a result of a broken chain.... the third place finisher was good enough to share his chain tool to help him take it home

time for me to leave work
tonight I will try to collect some of the race images from the various photographers


random said...

so, what happened on lap two? stop to eat a sandwich? clearly you weren't off form. you took 90 seconds or so out of him on lap 3. congrats second is really good, i couldn't imagine going that well so early.

gwadzilla said...

I flatted out on lap one....
but rode it through the last mile
wanted to fix the flat off trail
also wanted to use a floor pump rather than my mini pump

gwadzilla said...

here is the link for that report


and the results



I ran into an IF guy, Swarz
small world
friend of a friend

glad you liked the report
hope you and the family are well