teasing... everything in moderation

this saturday morning went as most planned saturday mornings go...

there was the early morning evacuation of lisa for her Ashtanga Yoga class
which leaves me in roll of mr. mom
where I scramble about trying to get the kids, clothed and fed
trying to get the dogs walked
while trying to keep the boys from killing each other and tearing the house apart

this morning went along better than most saturday mornings go
the boys were clothed and fed
the dogs had been walked and fed as well
our evacuation was ahead of schedule
I gathered a toddler survival kit that included capri suns, diapers, and wipes
tried to scramble together a digital camera
was able to find a blank SD card but was unable to find double A batteries

as it got closer to our scheduled departure time I started scanning for my car keys
in the morning's adventures I had seen the keys sometime somewhere
but now I had forgotten where I had seen them
so I scanned everywhere

time passed and my anxiety increased
my loops became less scattered and more methodical
I checked my yoga bag and my toddler survival kit
then looped the house from top to bottom again
this process was repeated several times
all the while breaking up fights between the boys
and trying to server their individual needs
more peaches
milk instead of apple juice
those sorts of things

the time was passing and yoga was starting to seem less likely
I came down from one last loop only to find I had to gather the children from the basement
once in the basement I asked the boys to come upstairs and aid me in one last look for the keys
as I plotted morning alternatives for entertaining myself and the kids

before heading up stairs from the basement I asked the boys to check their pockets for the keys
with a grin as wide as the montana sky dean smiled
then like a magician he pulled the keys from his pocket

I was tricking you dean said

yes, I was tricked
I was tricked into scanning the whole house
running about like a chicken with my head cut off
digging in the trash
starting to question my own sanity

I laughed with dean and then told him
teasing is fine
but you do not want the joke to go on two long
if the joke goes too long it is no longer funny

this little trick has had me grinning all day
also has me thinking I need to make a back up set of keys
as I think the boys teased me once before with the other set of keys
that teasing has gone on long enough
those keys will more than likely show up after the purchase of our next car

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Squirrel said...

That is totaly hellairious:)