there goes the neighborhood

last night headed home I approached a light a mile or so from my house
the light was green
there was a green turn arrow
I pulled up behind a car in the middle of the intersection and waited for them to turn
time passed
the light was green and the turn arrow was still green
yet the car in front of me did not go

the kids were fidgeting in the backseat
I was itching to get home
the turn arrow went to yellow
before it turned red I gave a little hit on the horn
not a love tap
not an a-hole heavy lean
but a honk with the horn just he same

the car in front of me woke up then made the turn
we made the turn following behind them and I admited to my wife that my actions were partially dictated by the stickers on the back of this car in front of me
somehow the Nine Inch Nails and TOOL stickers did not match up to the two Bush stickers

the car sped out of view
we caught them at the base of the hill
then followed them up the hill
they got away from us then when we got to our block this same white car was pulled into a space
the car driver was grimacing with his nose nearly pressed to the car door glass as he gave me the finger
ten cars ahead I went to pull into a space
then lisa said lets go check him out

I said nothing would be gained
but... I figured there was nothing to lose
so we made a turn around and cruised on pass

as I got closer to the car I broke right in with a
I honked trying to alert you to the green turn arrow
at this my bald brother rushed my car
cussing and screaming
I told him to mellow out
while my wife cussed over me right back
my kids in the back seat witness to it all

the encounter went just as I had feared
before I left I admited that my honking at his car was more due to my question of the somewhat incongruent stickers on his car rather than his blindness
I welcomed him to the neighborhood and then went and parked my car

it was all bad
nothing was gained
I tired to explain to my wife that that was not good behavior in front of the children
then tried to explain to her that a woman can not cuss at a man with her husband present
unless they are expecting their husband to get into a fist fight for them

we went inside
I immediately wrote a note then leashed the dogs then went down the block
the note went like this

my bad
you may be correct, I may have been a little heavy on the horn
it was inappropriate of me to blur two completely separate issues
-your neighbor with the orange car

I wonder how the reception of the note went?

it bums me out to see another W Sticker in the neighborhood
honestly.... in these times.... I do not think that political bumper stickers are such a good idea
that mini-road rage incident is a perfect example how things can steam roll out of control

I dream of a 25 letter alphabet
an alphabet without W

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