which do I hate more...

which do I hate more... cabs or buses?
this may fall back on the old "idiot or asshole?" arguement
in short
I think that the aggressive bus drivers are assholes and know that they are running the bikers down
while I feel that the cab drivers tend to be idiots that lack the ability to move their necks
never looking
never seeing
thus making the buses get more of my hatred and anger
but... lucky for the cab drivers
I have enough hate for everyone


Freewheel said...

At least buses are predictable. Cabbies never pay attention to the road. They see someone wave from a sidewalk and think, "I got me a customer." Then they swerve into my lane without signaling or any kind of warning.

I once saw a cyclist beat on a cabbies' roof so hard that the cabbie was covering his ears due to the noise. It looked like a good time.

gwadzilla said...

in a more serious sort of way
for licensing and certification of professional drivers
there needed to be an education about the laws of the road and the rights of pedestrians and cyclists

gewilli said...

like my run in with the busdriver

i dunno - chris here got nailed by a bus on the way to Ninigret lucky to be alive... no helment and he'd be roadsplat...

while the mass factor is insignificant to the cyclist getting hit, the cab is more likely to suffer major damage relative to the Bus...

cargo mike said...

cabbies and bus drivers alike I can depend on them being bad drivers/ irrational at time so in a way I see that as being predictably unpredictable(did that make sense at all?) really I am afraid of the normal driver who I have no idea what they are going to do or if they decided they are going to take there aggresion out on me. You cannot count on anybody but yourself when you are out there so check the ego at the door and be attentive and alert at all times because no matter how you look at it if you get in an accident with a vehicle the biker is always going to lose. It does not matter if it is the cars fault, the biker will always lose.(i am sure you know what I mean)

gwadzilla said...

yes.... cargo mike...
you are correct
the other day I saw a messenger bust a move that seemed like it was all for show
and well
it is just not worth the risk

great races for you the last two weekends
did you race granogue today?

cargo mike said...

no I did not, it is 0730 I must return back to Edible Arrangments and deliver more mothers day fruit baskets. Yeah I think 3 mtb weekends in a row would have been pushing it for me as well, I did get to do a short lap over at shaeffer yesterday afternoon(my parents live right by the trail head, tuning up there bikes so they have no excuses(ha)), dry dry dry. awesome.

yes great races indeed, everybody had a great time a Lodi