would a buddhist swat a mosquito?

would a buddhist swat a mosquito?

I think that even the highest and mightiest buddhist would swat a mosquito
especially if the mosquitos were as tenacious as the beasts that swarm in mount pleasant...

as I have mentioned... I am flawed
like many others I have weakness and I have faults
but... I am evolving... slowly.... yet still evolving

the spring weather has been amazing
dry and warm
while also being dry and cool
simply fantastic
humidity free
mosquito free

I have given way to temptation

sure I often try to rationalize it
you may have heard me try to justify it
there are my arguements of balancing the scales
what I give versus what I take
but in the end it really just comes down to one thing
I love it

I love it like some many people love various things
I love it with guilt as it is a guilty pleasure
yet I love it just the same

it is so hard to resist...
riding cross town there will be a stretch of dirt or a patch of woods
the tempation is greater than my will power
I take a sample
I steal a taste

it may be wrong
as wrong as doubling the speed limit
as wrong as passing a cyclist too fast and too close on a winding stretch of road on a blind curve
as wrong as passing one cyclist with so little foresight that you do not realize that you are playing chicken with another... only to do nothing... never for a second does the foot come off the gas
never for a second considering using the brake

no... common sense and common courtesy are part of my thought process
the worst case scenario is not as wrong as the potential outcomes of each of those wrongs

I have weighed the scales
I have made my decision
chocolate cake is grand
too much and there are many side effects
an occassional slice on a special occassion can be fantastic
everything in moderation
nothing to excess

there I go justifying, rationalizing, and making excuses
I am flawed
but I try

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