24 Hour Mountain Bike Racing

no more blogging
time to load the car

time to focus on the road to the race
and the the race itself

24 Hour Mountain Bike Racing changed the sport of mountain biking and changed my life
there was a time where I only did a race or two a year
those races were the 24 Hour Mountain Bike Relay races

took a year off due to injury

now I am headed back

did not wrestle to create a Clydesdale team

going back and racing with the Vets 35+

should be a hoot
racing with some good folk
racing against some good folk

think fast and dry!

hope my bike and body hold up!

reports to come after the weekend!

check out the history on the granny gear site
it is an awesome event
I have had the pleasure of racing at Caana, Donner Pass, Moab, Snowshoe, and now Big Bear
should be awesome!
(and do not forget real time results!)


The Spud Man said...

Good luck. Relays I think are more fun that solo 24s.

hounddog said...

Good luck Joel and be safe!

Drive By Fruiting said...

Your blog rocks!