Back from the 24 Hours of Big Bear

24 Hours of Big Bear

the facts... standings over all
just the facts... our team's results by lap

an epic weekend...
the weekend was a double header for me
race weekend and camping with the kids
everything went along splendidly

I camped with the team for two nights
lisa came down with dean and grant and climbed into tent for the second night
everyone was having a great time
Dean did a kids race
Grant had an awesome time camping... his first time camping

camped with the another city bikes team
they raced expert
we raced men's vet
it was good camping with them
it really upped the experience

of course....
more on this later
if not tonight
then definitely tomorrow

an excellent weekend
it was rain free
it was bug free
a great weekend for camping and racin in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

the course was awesome
not sure what the word on the street is
but there may be a debate about the best Granny Gear course location of all time
I wonder?

definitely much to say
oh.... so much to say
had a great time racing as the slow guy on a fast team
did not race clydesdale....
hung with the old guys in vet
4th in vet
7th overall
not a bad finish in a race with 170 teams competing

I bet this Midwest Granny Gear Event had something to do with folks who travled from the middle of the country to race in West Virginia

my friend john sent me this
world naked bike ride
the first time I raced a 24 hour race I raced with john and some others

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ETJB said...

way to go man. you are a consistent mf/.