Cedar Crest

I do not skate
when I did skate... I did not skate well
land was where I was comfortable
land was where I stayed

my ambitions on the skateboard were humble
point A to point B with some fun in between
much more street than ramp
more downhill than tricks

there is a HISTORY OF CEDAR CREST site

this place was amazing
it was a place where the limits of the sport were pushed
it was a place where the limits of civilized man were pushed
it was decadent
many of these young kids on skateboards made the Hells Angels look like geriatrics doing shots of ensure


Anonymous said...

Rad history. My youth hangout was Huntington Beach, Ca. What used to be a dirty strip for surf/skate/music types is now squeeky-clean ocean front condos and Gap. Hope kids coming up can find places like Cedar Crest....

gwadzilla said...

Cedar Crest was awesome
there were many more "underground" ramps
people just built stuff in the woods
and well
in suburban washington dc there is not much woods
there were a few ramps hidden away
secrets to everyone but the skaters