cheat lines and girl scout routes

this morning I had the luxury of taking an extended hike in the woods of Rock Creek Park with the dogs
roscoe and brutus were pumped!
they got to run in the rushing creek and sprint on the trail for nearly forty minutes this morning
a great way to start the week for the dogs and myself

it is good for the body
it is good for the soul
there is something even more special about walking in the rain
not sure what it is
maybe it is the green of the leaves
or the sound of the falling rain
whatever the reason... it is great to take a walk in the rain
this morning I got to take a walk in the rain

this morning as I hiked the Melvin Hazen trail in Rock Creek Park I grumbled to myself about the steady decline of this wonderful natural resource
I looked at the fallen trees and the areas abscent of furtile top soil
beyond that
I looked at all the various trail routes and cheat lines
there are clearly too many parallel trails and too many connectors
it is our failure
the hikers, the runners, the dogs, the deer... any of us who take these shortcuts are to blame for this idiotic network of short cuts where short cuts are not needed
in my trail meanderings I tried to remove what fallen branches I could from the trail
and toss whatever dead wood was readily available onto the intersection of the unneeded unneccesary short cuts and cheat lines
as I walked I looked on proudly as I saw that various efforts over the years are taking hold
terraced steps catching eroding soil here and there
trail side logs holding the line
keeping the trail from sliding down the hill
small efforts... but a positive contribution just the same

yes, it is wonderful that the Park Service keeps Rock Creek Park in its natural state
but... like a band-aid on the knee
there could be some small things done to let Rock Creek Park maintain its natural state while slowing its rapid decline

the greatest irony of the rapidly eroding valley of the Melvin Hazen trail is the immediate proxity of National Park Service offices...
it seems that some of the desk jockeys need to get out of their offices and go out their front door
the slightest efforts could revitalize these trails
if there were soil provided I am sure that volunteers would happily do the rest

again I spent the morning daydreaming
and my blog ranting
maybe one day I will take action into my own hands
getting unfurtile soil to rebuild the trails especially at trail intersections and trailheads
and furtile soil and vegitation to aid in thinning the trail where the path has gotten too wide or the where the hills have lost their natural wooded plant life state

wikipedia on Rock Creek Park

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