Dopers Suck

dopers suck
i love the site
i love their products
i think i need to order some socks... maybe the wrist bands
the jersey is cool... but currently I lack the bank
I wear XL if you are feeling generous

my level of cycling has nothing to do with this level of unfair play
seeing the leaders of the sport cheat like this just pisses me off

how can a kid fairly compare his hundred yard dash time to the fastest man in the world when the fastest man in the world is cheating?*
*no I am not saying that the fastest man in the world is cheating... just trying to create a metaphor

using the banned substances in an event like this would be as fair as starting at the line of the hundred yard dash on the latest and greatest crotch rocked rice burning motorcycle


when I think of the dopers I can not help but think of my favorite cheater of all time... Rosie Ruiz

short cutting a course
catching a cab
using banned substances
where is the joy in the standing on the podium after all of that?

clean it all up...
steroids and whatnot in football/baseball/and whatever....
doping in track and field or cycling...
even weight lifting...
there should be two leagues/contests... the clean one and the dirty one
sadly... the fans would want to watch the pro-wrestling version that would stay dirty
the fans are part of the equation
for some reason the fans keep asking for records to be broken each year/each season
that in just plain unrealistic
cheer for good play
be over joyed if a record is broken
but do not be let down if each time at bat the player of the day does not hit it out of the park
it is asking too much of the athlete

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stupid said...

I have really lost faith in the elite level riders in our sport. I think that most, if not all are using, have used, and will continue to use, substances and methods that are, what most people would consider cheating.

I just cannot beleive that only the riders cought are the ones affected. Just to be on the playing field with the champions takes a huge amount of strength and endurance.

I beleive that the doctors and coaches are able to minipulate the doses and timing so that riders may not be testing positive.

I used to think that a certain 7 time winner of a certain event wouldn't do or take anything that would cause him "harm". But then we have to define "harm". If a person beleives that a certain amount of something is safe, then where is the harm? And if a certain amount flushes out of the system enough that when it's pee-in-a-cup time, then is it still cheating? I guess if you don't test positive then your ok, right?

But then who can we say are true sportsmen? And if there was a way to stop ALL the doping that is going on, would the results then change? The playing field would still be level, but a couple notches down.