Essence Good... Stink Factor Bad

The Essence from a work out tends to be fresh, clean, and good but the scent of Stink Factor is bad
the modern polyester fibers of today's active wear has never ending value for functionality most of these fibers created light weight gear that breathes well, wicks moisture away from the body, and dries quickly
but... with all of those strengths comes one massive weakness


the backpack and gloves tend to be some of the worst victims of STINK FACTOR
actually... the user of those gloves or that backpack are the true victims

the gloves can cause a very stinky hand if the user is not careful

and well... the straps of the backpack can carry quite a strong scent themselves
nasty... nothing shy of nasty....
I have a shirt that smells clean out of the wash... is perfectly fine dry... wears well... then when I break a sweat... the STINK FACTOR is freed!
this particular shirt has the essence of cat pee
I do not even own a cat!


the backpack is worse
the gloves
as gloves are cheap enough to be disposable
but the backpack is a bit more costly
FEBREEZE can have temporary resolve to the STINK FACTOR

so can soaking and washing these items

but in the end
these items need to be burned!

I googled stink factor
and well.... I come up high on the list
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writsch said...

stink factor can be minimised by wearing Merino Wool clothing... there's enough companies out there now producing beautiful superfine merino that you can wear right next to the skin and wear outdoors for days without it taking on the stinkfactor that lycra or poly stuff gives... i wear nothing but.

gwadzilla said...

I love the wool
I do have a few wool jerseys
they have their strength
but personally
I feel that they are not as cool as some of the polyester sport fibers