I am not a messenger... nor do I play one on tv

I am not a messenger
nor do I play a messenger on tv
but... I am a cyclist
bicycle messengers are cyclists
and well...
that makes us kin folk
some sort of twisted cousins

does this image scare you?
it scares me!
check out more of the freak show at DEOMONCATS!

images of colorful people
colorful inside and out
the photographs only show the colors on the outside
these folks look like they are having a heavenly good time
make that a hellish good time
as they are all demoncats

the images are shot by Kevin Dillard
great images

(the image above are of Shawn and Kim)


Rocco said...

is that shawn?

gwadzilla said...

and kim
kim is the woman with the japanesse track bike with the stars
she has been in a number of my photo postings

I got some good actions shot of Meredith today walking back from the hill

long walk