mark.... or is it marc?

yesterday after work I did a quick up and back on the Capitol Crescent Trail
on my route back into DC from Maryland I rolled up on City Bikes Adams Morgan mechanic, Mark
as we caught up and shot the shit I figured I might as well snap a few shots
so I pulled off the backpack
dug through my bag
tried to be sure not to crash, cause an accident, or drop my walled
then did what digital does best
I took some random photographs


gwadzilla said...

all these images taken on the move on the Capitol Crescent Trail

I should have pulled the same move on my ride this evening

as I met a very ambitious and equally cute transplant to the area
she is looking to commute to rockville from rosslyn

she was moving along fast without any effort

Rocco said...

that guy is skinnier then i remember.
legs like pencils