Maryland's ICC

well... ground is breaking
and it is breaking my heart

it blows my mind that "they" have these "studies" and "they" somehow figure that a bicycle path does not fit into the plan
it blows my mind
have they been on a multi-use trail?
have they seen the price of gas?
have they seen the fat people at the Walmart?
(okay... you do not need to go to Walmart to see fat people)

study smudy! is what I always say

right now the street in front of my house is a major commuter route
the traffic moves fast and furious up and down my street
everyone rushing no where fast
no one yeilding the right of way to anyone
everyone ignoring the double yellow line
nothing slows their aggressive thrust forward

well... after too many close calls for everyone on the block
I started to email a cast of characters in various positions in the neighborhood and the city
well... my voice has been heard
and they are going to do a "study"

yes! A STUDY!

well.... you get a four year old to do a study and they will tell you that you need a jungle gym and a sandbox

just imagine what they will do with their vision of the car dominated future...
let me tell you.... it is ugly
our parking spaces will be taken away and marked off as HUMMER ONLY PARKING
the turns will be banked so that the traffic can achieve higher speeds
the trees will be replaced with street lights
okay... that is not funny or interesting
I am sure that they will mess it up
worse yet!
why does there need to be this "study"
this is not the first street with such an issue
isn't there a guy at the DOT who does this for a living?
he (or she) is already getting a pay check...
have them draw up a few plans from similar such roads
propose this to the neighborhood
vote on it
and then use that
no need to reinvent the wheel
the issues are not new
this is speeding traffic
not life from another planet
get real here

icc study
wash times article on the ICC


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riderx said...

The bike path was dropped from the ICC plan to save money. It was a very small fraction of the cost. Somewhere in the archives of my blog I have a post where I calculated it, the percentage of the overall cost was tiny. The are short sighted idiot fuckers!