moral higher ground... karma.... and no raised heart rate

lucky for me BLOGGER WAS DOWN yesterday or I would ahve spent the day responding to the various comments to my post about the mishap at the register at the local box store the other evening

hypothetically... it this were to happen again... would I still walk away smiling?
yes, but I would be sure to get the 240 dollar tent rather than the hundred dollar tent
okay... who knows what I would do in a hypothetical situation
that is the mystery of a hypothetical
on a different day I would respond differently
although in this case there are really two basic responses
-walking away with the goods
-turning around and making mention of the clerical error to the person at the register

some other hypotheticals...
-an extra twenty from the Bank Machine?
take it and run
-a package in the mail delivered to the wrong address?
return to sender or to the appropriate address
-a bag of money falling off the back of a armoured truck?
I wish for that hypothetical

there are some things to be learned from this incident...
we all need to spend more time POLICING OURSELVES
if we all policed ourselves then we would have less need for police
if we spent as much time scrutinizing ourselves in the mirror as we do judging others around us
well... it would be a better world

I did what I did
I knew it was questionalbe
yet, I went the path I did
and well
I questioned my own actions and delt with an ethical dilema
in the end I settled in that my decision may have been wrong
but... nothing to sweat

let us all take this experience and let what we learned be applied to our future
not just our future at the box store
but our future across the board

I am flawed
I am as hypocritical as the society that surrounds me
but... unlike so many others... I am trying
sure I have my moments of weakness
but... I am trying
am I keeping the tent?
yes, am I going to enjoy it?
does it give me a little pleasure that this error fell my way?
does a hundred bucks alter my destiny?
no... I could have afforded this without issue
but... without grand rationalization
this grand box store has been given my money before
will get my money again
have tried to make returns to this store with little luck
this tent acts to try to balance the scale
life does not always work this way
I need to be happy when it does

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