more on wakefield... then onto other things

looking at the stats for last night's wednesday at wakefield mountain bike race....
love looking at the numbers
hate seeing how the numbers reveal certain truths
fore example... like how I died on my last lap
really busted nut early
also lost mental focus
was sloppy and riding a tad inefficient
thought my headset was loose
finally checked and tighted my quick release that was dangerously flopping around
no dah!
no doy!
that could have been ugly

the tale is in the tape
PVC:WAW 2006#1

while looking at the numbers
take a look at the single speed class
look at the size of the class
look at the speed of the class

Wednesday at Wakefield has become a local dirt crit for the Cult of the Single Speed
not sure what they are doing about gears
last year I remember there being a buzz after the first race that lead to people modifying their gearing for the second race

not only is the class fast
the class is tight knit
the competition is between friends
so many of these guys have been riding and racing with each other for years

the single speeders race in an early session
yet it is amazing to see how many people stick around for the rest of the night
because the night is not just about racing
the night is about getting together with friends

in addition to running into a great number of people I have not seen since last season
last night I met a whole lot of people I had never met before
in many of these discussions was the topic of skateboarding and the cedar crest site

the number of former skaters was sick!
now... I myself was never much of a skater
but rather moved on the fringe of that fringe culture
yet... so much of that whole "scene" was part of my growing up

the topic of Dogtown and Z Boys came up
along with the notion that there should be a documentary of the scene or at least part of the scene
the Toke Team would be a great area of the East Coast skate scene for a film maker to center on
their skating and their antics were at the center of what was going on for some time

there are things that must be mentioned
but would work better as sidenotes rather than the center of concentration
like the Bethesda Sunshine house, or various ramps (Cedar Crest, the Ocean Bowl, Mt Trashmore.... heck... people could go further back to that to the early skate parks)

it done right it could be awesome
even if Banned in DC is year book for people who did not want to be in the year book
it is still a great document of that time

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