Mountain Biking and Family

this weekend past was an amazing race weekend as well as being an awesome family weekend
not just for myself
but for so many others that were at the 24 Hours of Big Bear

Laird Knight is a visionary
he created the 24 Hour Mountain Bike Relay format
within his vision he created a monster
a monster that imploded upon itself
some of the failure was hubris
the majority of the failure was a curse of bad weather
unlucky with the weather over and over and over again at Canaan and then at Snowshoe

within Laird's vision there was not just the race but a festival around the race
there was a three ring circus that was being created around the race itself
at Snowshoe Laird had entertainment for the people who were not racing
there were trials riders and guys doing big jumps
there was music
there was.... well, I do not know.... as I was racing
in the end it did not work
had it worked cross country mountain biking could be a different sport
no one can deny that 24 Hour Mountain Bike Relays have not changed the sport of mountain biking
that is why Laird Knight is in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

in the shots above Laird is giving the same attention and energy to a kids race thrown during the main event

this is a classic example of how mountain biking can be made into a family event
there were lots of families
there were lots of kids

Dean got fourth in the six and under category
he thought he got last
I asked Laird to look into the birth certificates of some of the racers
the final results are being withheld until we get the official notorized documents


Anonymous said...

there were some tough years at snowshoe, but the series didn't implode. it's still going after all these years. Granny Gear rocks! and it's awesome that they found a venue in WV to carry on the great tradition. I think anyone considering a 24 hr mtb race owes it to themselves to check out Big Bear


gwadzilla said...

I would say that the west virginia granny gear race did implode
as I guess I did
now he is rebuilding
the number of entries shows that
selling out then in march
not selling out at all now

gwadzilla said...

I know you are the smart one
and that mother always liked you best
you got to be heat miser
I had to be white christmas
I am taking this one

implode at britannica.com


works for me

Anonymous said...

ok, but the race goes on!


PS I had to do the dishes when you threw the "bug tantrum"

gwadzilla said...

I rolled on the floor like a little click beetle
only to flip back up when the dishes are done
I blame the parents for enabling the behavior
the big problem was when I tried that same tactic on my teachers in college
they thought I was having an epileptic fit
it did not help me with the grade
but I got to go back to my room and miss class