no FTP server.... file too big for email

I am trying a free version of YOUSENDIT.COM

so far
so good

I wonder if I have given them a right to my images by using their service
did not read the small print


pedalmaniac said...

I've used Yousendit for work a lot. I have noticed that their file size limit has decreased considerably since they started -- I used to be able to send 250mb files, now I think the max is 100 mb. I guess they were overwhelmed.

Scott said...

I started using new ftp utility called OutDisk, very similarly to YouSendIt. But OutDisk integrates FTP into Outlook, which means I can use my own webhost (currenply paying $7/mo for 75GB disk with 1TB bandwidth -- much cheaper than YSI). When I select files and send them, OutDisk then inserts a http link into my email for download.

No more cutting and pasting urls into my emails, and best of all, no more bounced emails. The free trial is at www.encryptomatic.com/outdisk