same guy... different day

same guy... different day... same SD card


Anonymous said...

It was a $100 tent??? Someone lost their job without a doubt! Again you are talking about loaw breaking today and you just did it yourself. Wow....You are right--you have a long way to go!!!

gwadzilla said...

I have a long way to go
but... chances are I am closer than you

the tent went under the radar
the cashier was as blind to their error as the store itself
so there is no guilt on that end
there any fear of any repercusions to any innocent employees

as far as breaking the law...
let he who is without sin cast the first stone...
I am sure that you broke the law yourself today
maybe something minor
certainly you went a fraction over the speed limit in your car
walked when it said don't walk
pushed a yellow light about to turn red
crossed where there was no cross walk
I had to say it
my buttons have not been pushed on this one
you will have to try harder
time to take me out from under the microscope and put yourself there

I have a long way to go
I am evolving
are you?