Smoke Signals... mixed signals

the Washington Post had some interesting articles about some scientific studies
confusing what the goal of the government is on these issues

Cigarettes and Nicotine Gum
Marijuana does not cause cancer

Phillip Morris
it blows my mind that a Cigarette Company can have an anti-smoking campaign for youth
while they more than likely have advertising campains fighting to recruit new smokers

American Legacy Foundation
has some great anti-smoking campaigns
I wonder about their effectiveness?

I think that banning smoking in public places will have an effective backlash to young people starting smoking

more than people smoking in public
I am more irked by smokers tossing their filters and butts to the ground when they finish their smoke breaks
that shit adds up
also... in the work place
smokers get these accepted breaks
what about us non-smokers.... can I take a ten minute break every hour on the hour to take a walk around the block?


Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

Take a ten-minute break every hour to walk around the block just like the smokers. Tell your boss you are addicted to the outdoors.

gwadzilla said...


the cyclist image on my blog are often from a semi-regular afternoon step outside

as yes
I am addicted to the outdoors