the weekend thus far

here it is sunday morning

no boasting

friday night I rode virtually straight home from work
no workout to speak of on that day
there were hopes of an alley party
but the weather and its threat of rain kept everyone in doors

we invited a family and their dean aged child over for hot dogs
I am good at cooking hot dogs
kids like hot dogs
I like hot dogs
hot dogs are easy to cook

friday night blurred into saturday morning
it was a late bedtime and an early rise
some mid night disruption kept lisa from her yoga ambitions
no yoga for mommy
no yoga for daddy

daddy went to costco instead of yoga
sometimes we need to shuffle our priorities
started gathering good for the big bear event

soccer for dean
grant played in the park with mommy along side of the field
as dean alternated with some solid soccer playing and some serious day dreaming
then back home
grant napped dean watched Avatar
lisa ran some errands
I went to the basement and worked on a project that was well over due
years over due

I hung some peg board in the basement
built a work bench
hung some more peg board
wanted to build a more elaborate work bench with some cabinet type features
but the work bench I want to build would need the organization of a work bench to build
not just the need of a functioning work bench, the organization of my tools, but some planning and some materials as well

it is a fully ghetto work bench
the table top and the shelves are made of an Ikea dresser that collapsed
the frame is comprised of warped and weathered wood left over from the deck
I did not find the level till I was nearly done
ah... such is life
the work bench and the peg board are in a room the size of a closet with the water heater and the fuse box
getting some stuff out of the way
no need to trip over these tools
no need to trip over the multiple tool boxes
with everything put away nothing can be found
the peg board will make repairs and projects more fluid

time to evacuate
the boys are wild
finally dressed
time to get out of the house

no bikes
good to give the legs a rest
days off can be as vital as days on
or at least that is what I try to tell myself when I am without the bike

(I just corrected my two sons...
dean called grant an idiot
grant called dean a poo poo head
I told them that I did not want them calling each other these names
or anyone else for that matter
dean agreed... unless some one is driving too fast... then he will call them an idiot
list laughed)

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