What ever happened to John Stamstad?

this weekend past I raced on a four man vet team at Granny Gear's 24 Hours of Big Bear
it was a hoot, a hollar, and a scream
that may be holler
but I think we went down and up few West Virginia hollars
not sure
as I am not sure if I could define homonyms or synonms
I am certain I can not spell either

the race is over
it is all behind me other than the soreness and the glory
along with the memories this weekend created
it also created a few questions....
one of those questions is


Laird Knight is famous for creating the 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race format
while John Stamstad created the ultra endurance solo class
together they changed the sport of mountian biking
there is no going back
there is a new understanding of the limits of the human body

but, what ever happened to John Stamstad?
is he running the Singletrack Ranch?
leading tours?
coaching endurance athletes?
or still racing?
a few years ago a friend of mine saw him mountain biking in Guatemala
but other than that... I have heard nothing
a quick GOOGLE brings up some stuff
but not the answers I am looking for
much of that is background information

either way.... Stamstad was a bad ass and I am confident that he still is an endurance machine!
thanks for being who you are
where ever you are

John Stamstad write up for the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame
Outside Magazine article from 1996

this year at Granny Gear's 24 Hours of Big Bear Steve Schwarz took first in solo in a very Stamstad style
riding his own race
not trying for the fastest lap times he could achieve
but rather knocking out each lap in a very consistent style
fast but not his fastest

excellent work Steve!
hope you called in sick this morning


Rocco said...

so you like that big bear venue?
your kids look like they do

Anonymous said...

Rocco- Big Bear kicked butt. that course was as fun as it gets. TWO THUMBS WAY UP!

Iggy Baran was there- fun to see him. he was lamanenting how tough it is for him carrying a lot of extra weight. I reminded him he was still lighter than me (and I'm a lot lighter than joel), so not getting a lot of sympathy.

Steve Schwartz was very friendly- I spent a good bit of time on my first lap (his 4th I guess) chatting with him. then I remembered I was suppossed to be trying to go fast.


Anonymous said...

iggys back in town eh?
tell ol kent he needs to trim that mustache.

gwadzilla said...

speaking of IF
it is ROCCO!
I heard Steve is no longer riding for IF
moved to TITUS
but what do I know
that is just chat around the bridge game

Anonymous said...

Iggy was down for the race btu he lives up near Boston.

I toldf him he had to get into the CX scfene, but not sure he realized how cool that would be.

he's hooked up with som eteam up there.

iggy was on of the top guys on the run, but he needs to train alittle to get back to his old super-fast self.


Anonymous said...

I'm a old friend of Iggy's, would anyone have his e-mail to pass along? Thanks so much and have a great day!

gwadzilla said...

Iggy is up north in the Boston Area

I do not have his contact information
I am certain if you get on a list or a forum in the New England rider/race scene his name will pop up

Iggy said...

Iggy here. Yes, I am up in Boston for a few more months. It looks like I'll be back working in DC in the summer of 08 and I'm looking forward to it. If you want to get in touch try me at iggybaran@hotmail.com