a big dump

I just took a big dump....
I mean I just dumped a mess of photos onto FLICKR

filled it up for the next month

put the FLICKR link on my page


Happy Fourth
I am excited about it getting dark out so I can go into the alley and set off some fireworks
chances are I will be able to hear the DC Fireworks display

DC celebrates the Fourth like no other
as a kid it was the Beach Boys
then in the teens it was the action at RAR
but there are always many different things to do at various points on the mall
bicycle is the best way to get a sampler platter of all the different cultures

this year aerosmith is joining in with the boston pops at the foot of the capitol
then of course there is the fireworks
and now there is the folklife festival
the folklife festival is an awesome experience
a great thing
but... I do not care for its overlap with the Mall on the Fourth of July
that is prime realestate for throwing a frisbee and setting up a space to watch the fireworks from
I understand that they get much more tourist traffic with the folklife festival when it overlaps with the fourth
as someone from the area... I would not mind them keeping it separate

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