blogging is a great release for me
it frees up so much of what is trapped in my head
it keeps me from having to tell people so much they did not really need to hear
I am still very much a chatty cathy

with the passing of my dog rosoce I thought that the rational outlet of my emotions may be a journal
this being the electronic age I went the directions where I am already familiar

I have started to get some ideas out about my dogs, Roscoe and Brutus

here it is


playing through the good memories feels better than trying to figure out what went wrong in the final moments
this weekend is going to be a painful one
one week ago today Roscoe started his rapid decline

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Eitan Freedenberg said...

Hey Joel --

I'm the intern at WABA and found your blog through Eric Gilliland. It's an absolutely wonderful blog, and a heartfelt tribute to bikers and biking in DC. We're trying to build a large database of DC biking photos and were wondering if you could help us out by giving us permission to use your photos and by perhaps doing a few assignments for us. Email me at ebf@umd.edu whenever you can, and maybe I can get you on the phone and we can talk about this.

Thanks so much, and I'm very sorry for the loss of Roscoe. Take care.

--Eitan Freedenberg