curious of the story...

I see this man in this same park or the park cross the street
I see this man and his bicycle with all of its suit cases and bags so neatly attached to a Jamis bicycle whose name and components can hardly be seen
he is always clean and dry
there is a certain level of dignity and presence to him
who is he?
what series events have taken him to this point?
where is he in life and where is he going?
in short... what is his story?


Squirrel said...

Come on Joel, if he's with in photo range go ask. I bet its a great story:)


gwadzilla said...

like the boy taming the fox in The Little Prince
these things take time if done properly
if I were working on documentary films
I would make my approach
as I am just cutting across town
trying to get where I need to go
I stall for a picture
if the shot is there
if I have the camera
if I have the time
lots of time riding and cameras do not mix

I have always enjoyed sport photography
but I enjoy sport more

watching the tour
that is some beautiful sport photography