day off...

today I had the day off...
had some high hopes of doing some clean up in my basement and my garage

never got off the line
actually... I never got the horse out of the stable

the day never happened for me

dropped my older son off from camp....
walked the dogs
strolled up to the main strip to grab a chicken sandwich
took a few pictures
cruised around downtown on the fixie with the camera
got a flat
took some pictures
rolled home in time to pick my son up from camp
then... when lisa got home from work we all went out to my dad's for some grilling and some swimming in the pool
grant and I did the most swimming
dean swam
but was more focused on the various remote control toys

then I treated myself to some fireworks on the way home
we lit off a few things tonight
itis great having the kids as an excuse to buy things like fireworks

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