good chance

there are times in the day where the work is so busy the only time someone will stall long enough for a photograph is when they are locking the bike, fixing the bike, or stepping into the building


Bryn said...

Great pics.
Man, that is one ugly messenger bag.
I think I may have been the only busy messenger on that day.
Together, we probably resemble members of some sort of vaguely threatening Mennonite street gang.

gwadzilla said...

we could definitely confuse some people if we were out around town
on the bikes
going into stores
doing normal stuff

years ago I remember doing some long rides through Amish country
usually bearded part of the year
the farmer on with the plow
or the people in their carriages
well... the all gave me blank waves with some sort of question

I am trying to figure out the library of congress images
any good links?