levi's ad.... giving me a headache

watching the tour
fast forwarding through commercials
still... even with fast forwarding through commercials
I am getting sick of that same LEVI'S AD

that ad where the guy sees his jeans being stolen off the clothes line
how could these marketing departments not realize that they would have the same people watching each night and every night
that this would be a good time to showcase several ads
several ads to entertain
the same ad over and over again repulses
even if it is a clever and fun ad

this ad makes me want to wear wrangler
wrangler cords with orangish gold stitching

1 comment:

Rob said...

At least the girl on the couch in the ad is a babe- that's enough to make it semi-worth sitting through. It's hard for guys to project an image of "I'm anything, but a dork" in a pair of Wranglers, even cords- girls, on the other hand- like the one in the levi's ad, have it easy and can rock just about anything they want- If you have to wear Wranglers, do it the right way and you'll look like Cletus "Snowman" Snow from Smokey and the Bandit and that my friend takes commitment. Good Luck!