the man with the wigs

Chef Tell used to wish to have the power of SMELL-E-VISION
if I remember correctly.... Chef Tell was on PM Magazine... a 70 Style news show if there ever was such a thing
while tangent jumping
I recall Jim Rapp and another messenger whose name slips me but his billy idol white spikey hair and his yellow cannondale sm600 still remain strong in my mind
both those guys were interviewed on PM Magazine
scanned the web for archives
came up empty
there were some cool overhead camera angles of these guys flowing through the city traffic

if I had the power of Smell-e-vision... this scratch and sniff photograph would cause you to rush out of the room and vomit
as clean as this man's assorted wigs may be
he carries a very powerful essence

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Knox Gardner said...

Here in Seattle, my pal Dave maintains that "Wigs are the new hat!" for homeless people.

And I guess that makes about as much sense as anything as they do look warm.