mud and the trails

a few blogs back I linked to a post that spoke about the damage of 24 Hour Racing on the environment
yesterday I read some posts by squirrel about the question of racing in muddy or wet conditions

just like so many things in life... it is often best for the decision to be made for us
land owners and race promoters need to weigh the scales and make the call
if damage is done... it is the responsibility of the riders/racers/and promoters to rebuild what was torn away

just recently here in the Washington DC area I lent a hand at Wakefield Regional Park in NOVA
it amazed me how many people were out on a Sunday morning rebuilding the trails
the trails at Wakefield were not sculpted by the gods.... no... these trails were designed and built by people

people from MORE/PVC/an EX2 (Cranky Monkey) and people like you and me...

remember to give back to the sport that gives so much to you
show up at trail maintenance days on the terrain you ride
ride respectably and support your local advocacy groups

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