putting together the puzzles

there is a good amount of pleasure to the experience of putting together these puzzles
it is fun to wander around town with my camera
wondering if there will be an interesting subject willing to be photographed
curious if I will be able to execute the task of taking a few shots worth slapping together
sometimes I get something
most of the time I get something
some things come together more interesting than others

as I put the various images together I can recall what other shots may be available
while I may be playing the moment itself back through in my head
where was I? what time of day was it? was there much interaction? what sort of exchange was shared? in some cases I get to play converstations back in my head or even try to continue conversations

in some cases the subject in interesting
some times the background makes for a more interesting balance as well
I liked the red around the windows
the squares
and the squares on the concrete
saul and his bike have a fair amount of character as well

I wonder if he will ever see these images?

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