this guy is not watching the tour... and is getting paid to tell us such

MSNBC article about this guy not needing to watch le tour...

if MSNBC wants to pay people to talk about sporting events that they are not going to watch... then they should drop me a line

I decided many years ago that the weekend was short and that the work week was long
(at this point is was actually college.. but you get the idea)

to me it made far less sense to spend my Sundays watching people do stuff (ie. football) rather than me doing something myself
maybe mountain biking or maybe windsurfing...
maybe skateboarding or maybe frisbee golf...
maybe volleyball... or maybe ultimate
the other options were really just watching television
and all these mentioned options were part of my regular routine

too often I meet someone and they talk about sports
they tell me they are into sports
they get all excited to talk about the sports they are into
when really... they are into television

not entirely... someone can be into music and not play music
but... I will not show this side of things when I write my articles
no I will just write on and on about the many golf matches I will not watch, the baseball games.... play offs or world series I will not watch... the basketball games.... college or pro that I will not watch... or the football competitons be they super bowls or just sugar bowls

there imay be march madness... but not for me
I have heard there is a
final four... which may or may not be the end of march madness... I have not watched it ever so I would not every know
I am certain if I looked into the sports section of the Washington Post I would be able to list all sorts of sporting events that I have no concern for

just like the writer of this article about the sports he does not care to follow I do not watch American Idol

I will tell MSNBC where to send the check after they show me where to send my articles about the sporting events I have no care to watch

I love my television
and honestly...
I do enjoy some sport highlights from time to time
but I certainly do not feel the need to watch a full game... even if I get tickets and sit in the stands


Knox Gardner said...

Well said! If you need someone to edit your articles for MSNBC about the sports you are not watching, I'd be glad to it, since I'm not watching them either.

gwadzilla said...

I just re-read this rant
it could use a little proofing!

maybe I will get on that while the kids take a bath