"to all my friends"

in the classic film Barfly, Mickey Rourke plays Charles Bukowski
there is a point in the film where our beloved drunk protagonist says... "I don't dislike cops... I just feel better when they are not around..."

this morning I was out walking my dogs
the dogs were off leash in the creek
I was skipping stones
the dogs were chasing the stones in the still very deep fast moving water of Rock Creek
a cruiser came rolling by
not a DC cruiser
a Park Police
over the loud speak something was uttered
I could not make it out... but I got the point
I leashed the dogs and went on my way



gwadzilla said...

the police and their priorities

my dogs need to be on a leash
the bike needs to stop at stop signs
while all cars roll through intersections ignoring the law... be that law yeilding to pedestrians, stopping for a stop sign, or the speed limit

where is a flat foot when you need one?

just grabbed a bite to eat on the main strip by my house
was about to try and snap a shot of a cyclist as they rolled by
when I was honked at in an aggressive fashion

yes... I was in the parking space
I was in the parking space
an alert to move would be enough
I did not move fast enough
once I started to move the man in the mini-van nearly hit me as he pulled into the space

he got out of his car

I approached cautiously and politely
to which I was asked if I would like a cap in my ass

in this day and age there is no need to call anyone's bluff

I wished him a happy Fourth
then went on my way

this guy has issues
it bums me out that I had to encounter him

megan said...

back in college i poured over every word charles bukowski wrote. every new book that came out. any obscure writings that were found and published. his books/words were and still are dear friends.

Anonymous said...

rivers and seas of beer
the radio singing love songs
as the phone remains silent
and the walls stand
straight up and down
and beer is all there is.

iconoclasst said...

Technically, Rourke played Henry Chinaski, the Buk's ubiquitous pseudonym. Same difference, but I think it's cool that the name he chose for his alter ego is so suggestive of his actual name; Henry and Charles being equally common male names in his time, and Chinaski and Bukowski indicating with equal strength his Polish descent.

And yeah, that's a great quote.

I'm reading Ham On Rye now; it's one I haven't read yet.